My News Trader

My News Trader

Postby aaronpeterson3 » Mon Jul 01, 2013 5:48 pm

Ok, I believe this is my first post here... so let me say Hello!

I have been changing the way I code for trading over the last year. When I first started, I wrote everything in MQL4. And believe it or not, everything failed - no really! :twisted: No matter what I coded, everything seemed to have unexplained hiccups.

So I decided to try separating my logic from Empty4 as much as possible. I started with trying to store tick information into a local database. After that I tried monitoring information about trades and the account. After I knew I could store and track information - I then moved onto opening trades.

After some struggles, I now have a base system that can store ticks information, monitor trades, and place and close them.

This was all done with a basic MQL4 EA and some c# programming.

So now I had a framework, I needed something to do with it. I first tried my hand at creating a Neural Network app to predict market movement -and that never gave very good signals.

So now my current project is a News Trader.

An app that can screen-scrape economic data and store them in the same local database that tick data is stored in. Then I can setup different types of trades to be fired off based on what the economic news is.

To do this I created a sort of server like app that did the screen scraping on 2 different time periods - weekly and daily. The weekely pulls more data (obviously) and stores it so you can always plan trades beyond the current day. The daily pulls info also, but also performs the task of setting any changed (updated) news values. The daily is also in charge of placing any trades that meet the criteria of the trade setups.

The other app is the one used to setup and view what is actually going on with the news. It allows you to view the news events (only the current week), view current tick prices, and also monitor and manage any trades that are open.

I feel that there may be some individuals out there, that may be interested - or looking for some help in removing your logic from the MQL4 language. All my apps are written in C# and I use MongoDB as the local Database. The reason for MongoB is for it's speed and ease of setup.

Give my news trader a gander - here is a video I compiled.
(This was before I fixed a bug in the open trades screen)

So, if interested - let me know if anyone needs any help.
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Re: My News Trader

Postby CrunchHardtack » Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:22 am

Hi, my first post here too, actually I was finally spurred into joing this excellent forum by wanting to reply to your post. I like to code forex systems with .NET too, and it seems there aren't many of us out there, everyone uses Empty4. I keep meaning to get into MQL, but I've got the Lmax api going nicely with .net and a local ms sql server, and I'm already familiar working that way so I haven't gotten around to learning to use Empty4 yet. I've also recently started looking into news trading, mostly out of frustration at making little progress with endless variations on TA, and even a little neural network and genetic algo stuff that just doesn't seem to work. The thing is, all these aproaches work solely off past price movements, and maybe this just isn't enough information to gain much of an edge. News trading brings some new data to the table, so I'm hopeful it might lead somewhere. Anyway, your video looks good. Are you getting the upcoming news schedule data from the forex factory weekly news xml? I wanted to ask, have you found somewhere to get the actual news when it's released? That's obviously critical for a news trading system, getting the news prefereably with a few seconds of its release, unfortunately though all the best services for this are expensive. Also, any chance of uploading your Empty4 EA? :D It'd be really useful for anyone who wants to interface with Empty4 from another program...
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Re: My News Trader

Postby kwanann » Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:15 pm

Wait. You mean you can get Empty4 to talk to .net?

Woahhhhhh this opens up a lot of opportunities, where can I read up more on this?
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Re: My News Trader

Postby bodleytunes » Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:27 am

Def interested in this, I've dabbled with MongoDB and Python in the past, also selenium screenscraper.

Would like to know how you get MT crap 4 to speak to C# also.


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Re: My News Trader

Postby shayanjameel08 » Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:05 am

The dollar dropped to fresh 10-month lows against the euro and four-month lows versus the Aussie dollar the ‘miss’ in the September NFPs. For many, this data is confirmation that the Fed’s unpopular – for capital markets like US equities – decision to Taper its stimulus program would be pushed all the way until March 2014.
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